What y'all came to see...Hear.

I'm on Spotify, iTunes/Apple Music, TIDAL, Pandora and more. Here's some of the best examples (so far) of what I've done. The funny thing is though... leviTAPE is so, so much more impressive than any of this. I can't wait.

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This single is the first release from my sophomore album leviTAPE, and packs a mean punch. I've never done a rap/pop storytelling joint like this...so of course this is the one that gets picked for TV. The beginning.



The people have spoken (often), and here's what y'all are really feelin' right now. Keep the support coming, I'll keep delivering. Maybe one of the new joints will knock this out of the top spot...



The Personal Favorite

I recently got a revelation about Pretend. One of my favorite fans said it's the song that sold her on me as an artist, and made her a dedicated supporter. It's deeply personal, and I love performing it so I can get with that.