My second studio album, leviTAPE, is done. Before I give it to my patient fans, I'm running a fundraiser to help promote and distribute the project. Expect that campaign to launch within a's been almost two years since FreeFall. Time to shake shit up one more time.



On May 14th, I rocked the stage with a set full of the new tracks off leviTAPE. Brought DJ Ghost on the spins, Defacto Thezpian from NC on the mic and my boy Jean Michael to round out the crew. This set was one to remember, footage comin' real soon.

Recent PRESS

I laced Artistic Manifesto with my track "F.Y.F." as part of their project #TheTwitterMixtape: A Spring Experiment. Every track on this project is incredible, I've never been in the company of so many talented artists in my life. As part of the promo, I did an interview on the track's inspiration and my general vision as an artist.

Click the image below to check it out, and stay tuned for some BIG news on my new project.