The Third STUDIO Album.



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The Producers.

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The Founder & CEO of Art By Sound, and producer of my songs Number$, Wait & Lately (all fan favorites) returns to lace the sad boy anthem and lead single “Goin’ Out Sad” as well as the second half of the quietly dramatic closing salvo “Reasons” with his signature hard-hitting, darkly textured sound. Ant hails from Columbus, OH and has earned placements ranging from artists like King Chip & Trev Rich to ESPN. Follow Ant here.



I met producer & MC Kemosxbe after he reached out following the release of my last album leviTAPE. We connected in real life after I performed with Defacto Thezpian in Durham, NC, and we both wanted to get some work in. Fast forward and he’s produced twice on SADBOYSUMMER. Hear his layered and complex production on the intensely emotional, introspective intro “OutSide” as well as the upbeat, defiant anthem “RUMORS”. Follow Kemosxbe here.



The certified Gold producer of Roy Woods’ “Drama” provided the lush, piano-heavy, pounding backdrop for the most emotional song on the project, “Left Out”. The Las Vegas hitmaker specializes in multi-faceted, deeply moving instrumentals that made my storytelling jump out the speakers. Follow CMPLX here.



This quickly rising producer out of my native Orlando, FL has worked with Vado, Trev Rich and many more. The deep soul sample and haunting vibe of the first half of my album closer “Reasons” bears his signature; the project wouldn’t be complete without it. Follow Sharke here.


The Trackoholics

Where it all started. I released my albums “FreeFall” and “leviTAPE” through a deal with Trackoholic Music Group, which enabled me to create my label Hardawave LLC. To this day Jay and Jonathan are two of the hardest workers I know, and I’m happy to include them on the thought-provoking strip club banger “2Sides”. Follow their company Valor here.


J Cash Beatz

Ant introduced me to both Sharke & J Cash’s music while I was in the writing stage of the album. I took one listen to three tracks from him and made songs on all three. One of those, “Throw It Back” feat. Alan Love, is represented on SADBOYSUMMER. This joint is a potential hit, and his intoxicating, powerful production deserves a lot of the credit. Follow J Cash Beatz here.

The Engineers

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Bryan “Shordeli” Shortell is more than an engineer, but he’s been a major part of my music since before a lot of my new fans knew me. Shordeli engineered most of my album FreeFall back in 2015, came back for almost all of leviTAPE and helped me wrap up “2Sides” and “SADBOYSUMMER” for this one. He matches my vision 100% of the time. Hire him.



I met JP through my partnership with Wealth Nation in the first half of 2019. He works out of Pro Mix Global Studios in Atlanta, making our connect hella convenient. After seeing his work up close, I had him mix and master 6 of the 8 tracks on SADBOYSUMMER over the course of 3 weeks. His work ethic is insane and he adds things to your track that you couldn’t even think of. A wizard. Check him out here.




I met Alan Love through our mutual friend Rachel DiSanto last year at my leviTAPE Live show. He brought his whole crew, UND, and they liked what they heard from my last album. Fast forward a few months, and we’ve collaborated twice with the first song “Move On” landing on his 2019 album Ferris Wheel. While that one was a smooth joint about lost love, our second collaboration “Throw It Back” is a straight up R&B/Rap radio banger. His powerful hook and verse sets the whole thing off in a major way. Follow Alan here.


Delicia Turner

Dee and I go back years at this point. She’s one of my favorite people period, and has made vocal appearances on several fan favorites from the past couple years including “Zone” and “Meditate Remix” feat. Michael Aristotle. Her voice acting is something she’ll tell you is amateurish, but it’s world-class in my eyes. I choose her every time for a reason. Catch her hilarious intro on “Rumors” and book her for makeup, hair and nails if you’re in the Greater Atlanta area (or elsewhere, fly her out!) You can also follow her dope IG here.